About Dynagen

At Dynagen, we create software solutions that exceed the requirements of our clients and will revolutionise how your business functions.

We launched in 2006, (Trading under the name Horizon Tech) and already have successfully partnered with companies to get them solid results for a fair price.

Our process starts with a consultation to discover the exacts needs of your organisations. We then tailor our solutions to create software that will exceed your expectations in both performance and return on investment.

Great software starts with a great chat. While we admit we are not short on “geekiness” we see communication as our greatest asset. It’s through talking with you that we will understand exactly what you need and then and only then will be be able to deliver a great software project. That’s why our clients are some of the most satisfied that you’ll ever meet and why they return to us time and time again to help them with their software requirements.

Dynagen have a long relationship with Microsoft Window but also have recently been developing more and more for iOS. The demand for both iPhone and Android business apps means that we forsee continued growth in this area.

To discover more about our capabilities and how we can help your business or organisation click here to get in touch. We work hard to represent our business on the web but sometimes a chat on the phone is the quickest way to find out if we are a good match for each other.

We must warn you beforehand we are a very busy company and you may need to join a waiting list to become a Dynagen customer. The demand for our services is such that as much as you are interviewing us, we interview our clients to find out of they are the type of business we can work work.