DevCon5 And A Bit Of A Rant About Carry On Luggage

We’re heading to the DevCon5 conference in New York on the 9th and 10th of July.


These events are great for developing new skills and keeping on top of the new trends in html5 development but they can be a pain to organise as we’ve been finding out today.

It’s only a short trip to we had hoped to just take our carry on luggage with us but the restrictions have been changing and it’s confusing. When you are carrying a $3000 laptop you don’t want to put it in the hands of baggage handlers.

Generally, economy class passengers are permitted one carry on bag weighing a maximum -10 kgs, with the total of the span, width and height no greater than 115cm.

My bag was bought a few months before they changed the size restrictions again meaning that it’s now slightly too large. But will anyone bother to check?

Obviously I need to take my laptop with me as that goes everyone and I may need to do bug fixes on the road should a major problem arise.

Some Budget airlines are more inclined to apply the rules but carry ons are just and seldom weighed and you just don’t know what to expect.

The reason that airlines do not sort this out is that they have made a rod for their own back.

Madness would follow at the checkin desk, if an airline unexpectedly applied its own carry on limitations for all passengers. The terminal floor would be littered with individuals repacking their bulging then and check in bag maybe locating themselves hit with excess baggage fees.

Families with little kids and babies are virtually promised to be travelling with carryons that are above the limits. The airport staff are unlikely to challenge a mom but a business man with a laptop might just get singled out.

Although there are some guidelines about what size of carry on bag you can take I think we’re going to need to either buy another new bag or play it safe and check our bags.


Now that I’ve got that off my chest… what’s DevCon5 and why are we going?

DevCon5 is a developer conference all about developing using HTML5. Where as previously if you wanted to do something a little bit special through the web browser in terms of something more like an app than a simple web page you needed to turn to browser plugins such as the dreaded Adobe Flash. While Flash is not dead yet by a long shot HTML5 is where it’s all at and that’s why it’s where the Dynagen team is at too!

Both Steve and Mark will be at DevCon5 so if anyone wants to meet up just give a shout and we’ll see you there. Hopefully our bags will make it too!

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