How Even A Memory Foam Mattress Company Can Rock With Technology!

There is a feeling among some people in business that the internet boom has already passed them by.

First came the dot com rush of the 1990′s where you could have made millions simply by registering a few good domain names for $10 a go.

Ah damn you say… if only back then I had the foresight to register then I would be rich today!

Then of course the dot com bubble burst and from the ashes rose up some of today’s great internet giants such as Google and Facebook.

Ah damn, if only I had the foresight to create a search engine or build a social media hub then I would be rich!

But here’s the rub. The internet is truly still in it’s infancy. The big opportunities are right here.

If you are old enough to remember those first internet experiences you will know much things have changed in the last 20 years already.

Remember waiting for images on a page to load?

The internet in 50 years will be way beyond what you can imagine right now.

Already many everyday items are becoming connected to the internet.

It remains to be seen whether the digital world will encroach evermore on our reality, like an digital overlay or whether we will live more in virtual worlds.

This is what we stand on the cusp of. If you are young enough to see out the next 50 years it’s going to be awesome!

So don’t tell me that that all the good business ideas are taken. The revolution starts here.
Opportunities are everywhere and not just for brand new ideas existing businesses can and should take advantage of the evolving technology.

Take for example something very ordinary like a mattress company. You would not think that much can be done there to disrupt the established industry would you?


Take for example Casper mattresses who seem to talk their more from the startup world of silicon Valley rather than traditional business.

They make memory foam mattresses and memory foam beds which are very well regarded but it is how they market and sell them that is unique.

From your smartphone in the middle of New York City you can use the Uber app to call up a mobile mattress testing unit!

Simply by entering a code you order the Casper Van to come you. In the back of the van is a small bedroom with a test bed for you to try out!!

The company has achieved great success with this format and orders through their website have increased.

As well as being a great way to communicate with their customers it’s a great publicity tool to spread the words about their business.

They are using technology to 1. be trendy and 2. revolutionise the way they find and serve customers and this is exactly what we think you need to be doing to act like a modern 21st century business.

I hope this shows you how good marketing and technology can be applied to traditional businesses.

If you would like Dyngen to help you utilise technology to disrupt and revolutionise your industry then please get in touch.

That’s what we do here on a daily business and we’d love to talk to you about it.

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